July 10, 2017

Region 15 was an enjoyable show with good success. Waheed Al Azhaar RZ held his own in the mature stallion classes, competing toe to toe with mature stallions earning two Reserve Championships and two Top 5s in his classes!

Esacapde SHF earned Top 5s in all of his classes that were very deep.

May 20, 2017

The 2017 show season has gotten off to a great start. Waheed Al Azhaar RZ entered the show ring for the first time and competed in Sport Horse In Hand 2 & Older Stallions in both the open and amateur divisions. He came away with wins in all four of his classes. We hope this is the first of many great things to come for this young colt.

Escapade SHF also had a successful first outing this season, winning his class and earning the high point award for Sport Horse In Hand Purebreds under the Dressage Judge.

December 26, 2016

The USEF Horse of the Year results have been announced and Desired Millicent was named Region 15 Champion Halter Horse. She was ranked 8th nationally! We have plans for Desired Millicent to return to the show ring in 2017.

September 13, 2016

Desired Millicent was presented a the Oldenburg NA Inspection where she received a score of 99.5 and acceptance into the Main Mare Book. She was the highest scoring non-WB mare of the day at this inspection.

April 30, 2016

Desired Millicent returned to the show ring at the Mason Dixon Classic, sweeping all of her classes and earning the titles Champion PB Mare in Halter and Champion PB Mare in Sport Horse in Hand.

January 6, 2016

Aroze to Nobility+ is named Region 15 Horse of the Year Champion at Second Level Amateur Dressage. He also earned a Reserve Championship at Third Level Amateur Dressage.

Aroze to Nobility receives his Legion of Honor

October 19, 2015

We are excited to announce that Aroze to Nobility has wrapped up the 2015 show season with enough points to receive his Legion of Honor. The Arabian Horse Achievement Awards recognize horses that compete and achieve a certain level of success with symbols that become a permanent part of the horse's registered name.

September 2, 2015

Angela White has earned her USDF Bronze Medal. Angela has earned all the scores needed for her Bronze Medal on Straight Egyptian Arabians that she has trained herself.

Roze Arabians welcomes Waheed Al Azhaar RZ

Roze Arabians welcomes Waheed Al Azhaar RZ

May 16, 2015

Roze Arabians is pleased to share the arrival of Waheed Al Azhaar RZ, sired by the late Amer Azhaar and out of Desired Millicent. We are blessed to have such a beautiful colt to carry on his sire's legacy.

Escapade SHF's Junior Horse career comes to a close

Escapade SHF's Junior Horse career comes to a close

July 15, 2014

Escapade SHF's 2014 show season was short, but accomplished. At Region 15, he wrapped up his final year as a junior horse earning a Regional Reserve Championship in the PB Junior Horse Training Level class and came away with two additional Regional Top 5s. During the season he pushed his career high score to 69.2%. Escapade SHF will continue training in the off season to make his First Level debut in 2015.

Amer Azhaar Arrives at Roze Arabians

Amer Azhaar Arrives at Roze Arabians

November 2, 2013

We are thrilled to welcome Amer Azhaar (Laheeb Al Nasser x Dorian Binthadidi (x Hadidi)) to Roze Arabians. Amer Azhaar first caught my eye as a yearling at the 2012 Egyptian Event, his size, type and movement embodied my ideal Arabian. We are very grateful to Yorklyn Arabians for allowing us the opportunity to lease Amer Azhaar. Plans are in the works for him to return to the show ring. We are very excited for Azhaar's future and happy to be a part of it.

Amer Azhaar will be available at stud for the 2014 breeding season for a fee of $2000 to approved mares. He has tested clear of CA, LFS and EVA. We are offering some great discounts on this exciting junior stallion:

  • If you book by 1/31 - $250 early booking discount
  • If the mare you are breeding has earned a National Top Ten or produced a Top Ten winner - $200 discount
  • If the mare you are breeding has earned a Reserve National Championship or produced a Reserve National Champion - $400 discount
  • If the mare you are breeding has earned a National Championship or produced a National Champion - $600 discount
  • If the mare has a National win and has produced a National winner - an additional $200 discount
  • If the mare has won or produced a National winner in a performance class - an additional $200 discount

Please contact us to discuss your mare.

Open House - Huge Success Open House - Huge Success

Open House - Huge Success

October 28, 2013

Our open house held on October 26th was a huge success. We had a wonderful turn out with friends, family, and new faces joining us to celebrate our new farm. Food and wine were enjoyed by all.

Pam Thompson gave an informative dressage demonstration on Aroze to Nobility. The other horses were presented one by one in a halter stand up. The barn was also opened up so that everyone could meet the horses up close and personal. For many in attendance this was their first chance to meet an Arabian or any horse. All of our horses were on their very best behavior and were wonderful ambassadors for the breed.

You can now view all the wonderful photos taken from the event.

Escapade SHF Earns a Top 10 at Sport Horse Nationals

Escapade SHF Earns a Top 10 at Sport Horse Nationals

September 25, 2013

Our 2013 show season came to an end with Escapade SHF earning a Top Ten at Sport Horse Nationals in the PB Training Level Dressage class with the talented Pam Thompson riding. While the show didn't go entirely as planned Escapade SHF certainly demonstrated that he has come a very long way in his rookie year under saddle. We couldn't be more proud of how much he has grown and expect only great thing from him in the coming years. His future in the dressage ring is very bright.

Escapade SHF Earns a Top 5 at the East Coast Championships

Escapade SHF Earns a Top 5 at the East Coast Championships

August 5, 2013

Escapade SHF has returned home from attending the East Coast Championships this past weekend having earned a Top 5 (4th place) finish in a talented Junior Horse Training Level Class with Pam Thompson up. He also placed 2nd in the Training Level 1 test at the Pre-Show and just missed a Top 5 (6th place) finish in the Training Level ATR Select class with Angela White up. Escapade will be heading to Sport Horse Nationals in September.

Our First Foal

Roze Arabians has Moved

May 20, 2013

We are thrilled to announce our move to Elizabethtown, PA and our new, permanent location. Our new facility features a twenty stall barn, an indoor and outdoor arena, and lots of land for pasture. Elizabethtown is centrally located between Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA and is just minutes from Harrisburg International Airport. We are excited about the opportunities this new facility will allow us to pursue as we expand our breeding program. We are planning an open house for the fall, stay tuned for additional information.

Our First Foal

Our First Foal

March 31, 2013

At approximately 1:30am this morning Roze delivered a healthy colt. The delievery was text book, mom and baby are doing super. It was certainly a surprise as we were not expecting his arrival for at least another week, but he decided he was ready to take on the world. He was on his feet for two hours before he took his first nap, we expect to have our hands full with this one!

Dressage at Devon

Dressage at Devon

October 10, 2012

Roze Arabians was fortunate to take Escapade SHF to the Dressage at Devon Breed Show. We felt that Escapade SHF would have a chance to be competitive and wanted to give him the opportunity to prove that Arabians can compete successfully against other breeds. Escapade SHF did not disappoint. In the open 3 year old colts and geldings class he placed 10th with a good score of 72.3% with Bruce Griffin handling. In the adult amateur class he took an astonishing 2nd place with Angela White handling. We finished the show with a 2nd place in the Purebred Arabian class.

Not only did Escapade SHF place well in his respectable classes, he handled the busy and electric show grounds like an old pro, he was more calm and collected then many seasoned show horses. He not only received great comments from the judges but many accolades from spectators and fellow competitors. We feel this show was a great success and Escapade SHF was a terrific ambassador for Arabians and Straight Egyptians alike. Escapade SHF now goes back to his under saddle training and conditioning program, look for him to hit the show circuit in the spring. We feel this gelding has a very bright future ahead of him and will have the opportunity to showcase the Straight Egyptian's versatility at Arabian shows as well as at open shows.

Roze Arabians Welcomes Escapade SHF

Roze Arabians Welcomes Escapade SHF

June 3, 2012

Roze Arabians is pleased to announce the acquisition of Escapade SHF. This tall beautiful gelding with stunning movement is an exciting addition to our show string and will assist us in continuing to demonstrate the ability and talent of Straight Egyptian Arabians under saddle. Please be sure to check back often as we will post additional updates and show results as they become available.

Nile Roze+ Confirmed in Foal

Nile Roze+ Confirmed in Foal

June 3, 2012

We are offically waiting our very first foal. Nile Roze+ has been checked in foal to Masada Mazal. The ultra sound this week confirmed a heart beat and that all is progressing as it should.

2011 Year End Awards

2011 Year End Awards

February 2, 2012

The 2011 show season has officially wrapped up and year end awards have been distributed. Nile Roze+ faired well in the USEF Horse of the Year program, earning a Region 16 Championship in the Second Level Amateur division. She also placed second in the Region 16 Second Level Open division and Fifth in First Level Open. In Region 15 she placed third in both the Second Level Open and Second Level Amateur divisions.

Nile Roze+ earned a Top Ten (3rd) in the Drinker's of the Wind Performance Horse program.

Nile Roze+ to be Bred to Masada Mazal

Nile Roze+ to be Bred to Masada Mazal

February 2, 2012

It is with great excitement that we annouce our choice of Masada Mazal to sire our first foal. We spent a fair amount of time researching and looking at potential sires, with a recommendation from Arlene Magid, we are confident that we have made the right decision. Nile Roze+ will be bred in the spring of 2012 with hopes for a 2013 foal.

Masada Mazal just earned a Top Ten Placing at the 2011 Sport Horse Nationals in Sport Horse Show Hack and also has Class A wins in Hunter Pleasure and English Show Hack. Masada Mazal has three excellent gaits and shows that he has the potential to be a competitive sport horse.

You can learn more about Masada Mazal by visiting Brook Hill Farm.

Arlene Magid's complete mating consult can be viewed here.

Dancing with Horses Clinic

November 1, 2011

Roze Arabians Ltd. is sponsoring a clinic with Michael Matson on December 10th in Grantville, PA. Michael Matson is the co-founder of The Dressage Foundation's Dancing with Horses Fund which supports Freestyle activities. Michael is an adult amateur rider who has competed in freestyles at First Level and Pas De Deux. He is also the creator of, a free online resource for those interested in riding to music.

Michael will work with each rider to select music that specifically matches their horse's gaits and their style of movement. Each horse will be evaluated at the walk, trot and canter with a metronome to establish their beats per minute. Each rider will then ride to various songs until the horse/rider find music that "fits" the horse that it appears to be dancing. Music of a similar genre is selected for the three gaits so that all of the music flows together.

Each rider will receive a CD of their horse's special music for them to use as a training tool (keeping regular tempo), just to have fun riding to "perfect music", or to use to create a musical dressage freestyle. Audience participation is highly encouraged to help the horse and riders select their music. Having participated in this clinic before, it is highly enjoyable and having found the "perfect music" for my horse it has greatly assisted some of our training sessions.

Auditors and riders welcome.

Nile Roze Earns Legion of Honor

October, 2011

It is with great pride that we are able to announce that Nile Roze has earned her Legion of Honor from the Arabian Horse Association. The Arabian Horse Achievement Awards recognize horses that compete and achieve a certain level of success with symbols that become a permanent part of the horse's registered name.

To earn the 75 points needed to receive a Legion of Honor, Roze competed in Dressage, Hunter Pleasure and Sport Horse Show Hack. Roze achieved the needed number of points in three show seasons.

Roze now joins the rank of the few Straight Egyptian horses who have achieved this and one of rare Straight Egyptian mares that have received this honor. We were able to find only 12 other Straight Egyptian mares on Data Source that had earned their Legion of Honor or better.

Stay tuned as we will be announcing a date and time for Roze's Legion of Honor party, to be held in the spring of 2012.