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In Utero

2021 In Utero Foal
Waheed Al Azhaar RZ x Mistazah

A full sibling to the stunning, Jassirah RZ, is now available in utero and is expected to arrive in April 2021.

The pairing between the ISR/Oldenburg NA approved Arabian stallion, Waheed Al Azhaar RZ, and the Imperial bred, Mistazah, proved to be a winning cross worth repeating. Jassirah RZ is now a leggy yearling, who has incredible shoulder reach and a strong drive from behind. We expect her full sibling to have the same athletic ability and beauty. This foal will be sweepstakes nominated. Inquiries now invited.

In Utero Waheed Al Azhaar RZ Amer Azhaar
Desired Millicent
Mistazah MB Mistaz
Imperial Kabisah