Roze Arabians Ltd. grew out of my personal love and admiration for the Straight Egyptian Arabian and the love of the Arabian as a versatile performance horse. I have long respected the Straight Egyptian Arabian for more than their beauty and charisma.

Once I became the proud owner of my own Straight Egyptian Arabian I was also introduced to their high degree of trainability and their desire to join into a working partnership in any under saddle discipline.

My discipline of choice is dressage and my Straight Egyptian partners have eagerly become zealous dance partners. Not only are my horses athletically talented, but they truly enjoy the mental challenges that arise in the dressage arena. Once in the arena they take pleasure in showing off their skills and give their hearts to the endeavor.

The Straight Egyptian has developed into more than just a beautiful horse to be shown on the line. Modern Straight Egyptians have proven themselves to be wonderful trail mounts, capable jumpers and loving family horses who know how to take care of the youngest family members. The Straight Egyptian is the horse of every young person’s dreams – flowing manes and tails, glistening coats, light footed, full of spark and fire one moment and adoringly eating treats out of their hand the next.

The ability and desire to bond with their human counterparts is truly innate within the breed. The ancestors of today’s Straight Egyptians lived along side their owners in the tents and pavilions of the Bedouin people. These early horses were bred to be fierce in battle, yet gentle and tractable in the stable. I believe these qualities of bravery and trainability are what make the modern Straight Egyptian the perfect mount for anyone looking to have a long and trusted relationship with their equine partner.

I founded Roze Arabians Ltd. with the intent to produce Straight Egyptian Arabians who possess all the qualities of their ancestors and with talent and durability to meet the demands of today’s sport horse enthusiasts. We strive to find horses that are versatile and able to excel in multiple disciplines as the Arabian was originally intended and incorporate them into our breeding program to produce beautiful, capable and versatile Straight Egyptian Arabians.

Angela White, Owner and Founder